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Bioreactor for cell culture 2000L

Marine type impeller
Bioreactor 2000L
Bioreactor 2000L
Bioreactor for cell culture 2000L

SYSBIOTECH fully automated bioreactor was designed especially for cell culture cultivation.
Design and manufacturing was made with accordance with GMP requirements.
For gentle and efficient mixing our engineers applied marine impellers with magnetic drive.
Bioreactor equipped with gas-mixing system for sparging and overlay: Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2.
The procedure of sterilization is carried out in fully automatic mode.
Our bioreactor fitted with additional SIPable feeding lines.
It’s possible to provide on-line measurement of media composition thanks to using of SYSBIOTECH SCADA system.

Mobile and/or stationary SIP/CIP stations
Industrial-scale fermenters/bioreactors
Bioreactor 2000L
Bioreactor for cell culture 2000L
Pilot-scale range of SIP/CIP fermenters/bioreactors