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Compact pilot scale fermenter
SIP pilot fermenter

Sysbiotech Pilot scale Fermenters is a reliable solution for working with microbiological process for scientific research, small biotech production facilities as well as for scaling up technology.

Standard «ready to use» solutions include all components needed for convenient operation with microbial culture applications. After connecting the Fermenter you can start using it right away without having to buy any accessories. System can be specially developed for installation in laboratories.

Sysbiotech Pilot scale Fermenters have fully aseptic design and can be validated easily. C-Bio control system, universal for any volume of Fermenter greatly simplifies scale-up process and allows for easy transfer of fermentation data.

If needed, Sysbiotech Fermenters can be upgraded to fulfill your specific application requirements.

For your convenience, all the necessary piping is installed on open stainless steel mobile frame. This helps to save space in your facility and simplifies access for maintenance of the Fermenter. All components which we use for pilot scale fermenters have the same style as for industrial equipment so, it minds you will get industrial style for your pilot facility.

SIP (sterilization-in-place) sequence is fully automatic. User can set his own sequence parameters for achieving the best results.

All wetted surfaces of Fermenters are made from AISI 316L stainless steel with surface finish of Ra 0,8 μm which allows more effective CIP (cleaning-in-place) process.


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