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Pilot-scale range of SIP/CIP fermenters/bioreactors

bioreactors 150 L
ferm_300 L

SYSBIOTECH’s comprehensive and flexible range of pilot-scale fermenters/bioreactors is developed for the cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures, and designed to meet the requirements of process optimization, scale up and characterization in the biotech and biopharmaceutical industry. The standard range comprises culture vessels with total volumes from 15L to 300L. However, we can design and manufacture vessels of any required volume starting from 10L up to thousands of liters. For process volumes above 300L kindly refer to our “Production-scale fermenters/bioreactors” information.

The new C-BIO2™ operator and control platform provides enhanced functionality and process control options as well as full integration and connectivity to SYSBIOTECH’s Process Line  equipment and third party (equipment) supervisory software, making it the ideal scale-down model for your large scale process. SYSBIOTECH’s Process Line equipment can be easily integrated, operated and/or monitored from a single Process Line equipment display, or operated as a separate system.

The modular design allows for customization of the system configuration, in order to perfectly fit your application-specific requirements. Our technical sale support specialists are happy to support you with configuring the system that satisfies your needs.

Popular models Total volume (L) Working volume (L) Minimal volume (L)
SYSBIOTECH 15 L 15 10,5 4
SYSBIOTECH 20 L 20 14 5
SYSBIOTECH 30 L 30 21 5

SYSBIOTECH pilot-scale and production-scale fermenters/bioreactors have similar geometries to maximize performance and simplify transition between scales.

SYSBIOTECH pilot-scale and production-scale fermenters/bioreactors have a fully aseptic design and can be easily validated.

C-BIO2TM operator and control platform is used for the entire range of SYSBIOTECH fermenters/bioreactors and greatly simplifies scale-up process and allows for easy transfer of fermentation data.

When your future requirements change, then the SYSBIOTECH pilot-scale and production-scale fermenters/bioreactors can be customized and/or upgraded to fulfill your specific application requirements. Each SYSBIOTECH pilot-scale system is supplied ‘complete’, equipped with all the necessary piping, mounted ergonomically on a mobile stainless steel frame and shipped together with the necessary accessories and consumables for operation.

All wetted surfaces are made of AISI 316L stainless steel with surface finish of 0.6 μm, to allow for effective CIP (cleaning-in-place).

Automated and user-configurable CIP and SIP(cleaning-in-place and sterilization-in-place) processing is standard included. A user-friendly program tool allows you to create your CIP and/or SIP sequence by defining its steps and set parameters. By combining sequences you can build a fully automated procedure for your entire application, maximizing day to day process consistency and ensuring best results.

Mobile and/or stationary SIP/CIP stations
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Pilot-scale range of SIP/CIP fermenters/bioreactors