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Industrial-scale fermenters/bioreactors

SYSBIOTECH bioreactors

SYSBIOTECH industrial-scale fermenters/bioreactors are a powerful tool for the process development and production. Our engineers work in close contact with you to meet all requirements, be it bacteria, cell cultures, yeast or fungi cultivation. All our systems are custom-made in full accordance with your process demands and your business goals.

All wetted parts are made of 316L stainless steel with surface finish of Ra<0.8µm and Ra<0.4µm upon request. They have fully aseptic design and can be validated easily. Working volume ranges from 500 L to 150,000 L.

Advanced C-BIO2TM control system allows easy integration of upstream and downstream equipment in a unified production line: bioreactor, separation equipment, freeze-dryer and CIP-station.

All equipment can be monitored from one computer for comfortable process control. C-BIO2TM allows for easy transfer of fermentation data.

All equipment has SIP/CIP options and full cGMP and GAMP compliance. We provide all the associated documentation and conduct FAT and SAT.

Popular models Total volume (L) Working volume (L) Minimal volume (L)
SYSBIOTECH 500 L 500 350 140
SYSBIOTECH 1000 L 1000 700 280
SYSBIOTECH 3000 L 3000 2400 840

If necessary, SYSBIOTECH fermenters/bioreactors can be upgraded to fulfill your specific application requirements. You can install additional sensors or change impeller in your culture vessel.

For your convenience, all the necessary piping is installed on a single stainless steel frame. This simplifies access to the main technical units of the bioreactor.

Mobile and/or stationary SIP/CIP stations
Industrial-scale fermenters/bioreactors
Bioreactor 2000L
Bioreactor for cell culture 2000L
Pilot-scale range of SIP/CIP fermenters/bioreactors