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A breakthrough in production of second generation biofuel – biobutanol

Joint efforts of our team has led to creation of an innovative technology to manufacture environment-friendly fuel of the future – biobutanol. ...


Researchers have developed a new pathway to get one of the tiniest forms of life to make fuel

By breathing in carbon dioxide and hydrogen, an engineered version of the bacterium Ralstonia eutropha produced branched alcohols, compounds that can be blended with gasoline or serve as an energy source on their own. This could help repurpose carbon emissions in a way that can generate money. ...


General description of the ECSIM systems

To complete these in-vitro systems, we have developed our own infrastructure to simulate the human colon, with the goal of having a modular system for maintaining a human microbiota in similar environmental conditions to those encountered physiologically and pathologically in the human gut. This ...