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Mobile and/or stationary SIP/CIP stations


SYSBIOTECH’s range of SIP/CIP stations has a modular design which allows for maximum flexibility and efficiency of use, and for a perfect fit to your application-specific requirements even with minimum utilities or space available.

The equipment hardware, software and functional quality of SIP/CIP operations meet the requirements of cGMP, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) standards for use in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries.

The new C-BIO2™ operator and control platform provides enhanced functionality and process control options as well as full integration and connectivity to SYSBIOTECH’s Process Line equipment and third party (equipment) supervisory software, making it the ideal platform for the automation and data integration of your cleaning/sterilization process.

SYSBIOTECH’s Process Line equipment can be easily integrated, operated and/or monitored from a single Process Line equipment display, or operated as a separate system.

The standard platform design(skid) allows for SIP/CIP functions for fermenters, bioreactors, piping or vessels with volumes from 20L up to 3,000L (depending on configuration and working volume of the on-board CIP tanks and that of the fermenter, bioreactor, vessel or piping being cleaned).

The standard platform design further includes a comprehensive range of options including but not limited to on-board supply and monitoring of heating, cooling, fluid mixing, pumping and steam supply, and more.

For application-specific functionality or for higher volume SIP/CIP our engineering department is happy to support you with configuring the system that satisfies your needs.

SYSBIOTECH’s constructive and flexible design, choice of quality materials and reliable operational functionality ensures a long equipment life cycle for the manufacturing of safe and high-quality products. The use of C-BIO2™ software enhances automation and minimizes the need for human monitoring, thereby reducing overall cost and increasing the effectiveness of quality management systems.

Each system is fully tested in-house (FAT).Tests after on-site assembly and commissioning (SAT), and training of your personnel are included.

Mobile and/or stationary SIP/CIP stations
Industrial-scale fermenters/bioreactors
Bioreactor 2000L
Bioreactor for cell culture 2000L
Pilot-scale range of SIP/CIP fermenters/bioreactors