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Mobile SIP/CIP stations


SYSBIOTECH engineering unit developed a fully automated mobile CIP-station for (bio)reactors, vessels and piping, which is currently available in several standard versions with tanks’ working volumes of 2x100L and 2x200L.

Constructive design and reliability of our CIP-station not only ensures production of safe and quality products and increases their shelf life, but also reduces the costs of monitoring procedures for technological processes and products, increases the effectiveness of quality management systems, eliminating the need for operations to dismantle the removable parts and make connections in clean rooms.

Standard platform design (skid) allows for SIP/CIP functions for fermenters, bioreactors, piping or vessels with volumes from 20L up to 3,000L (depends on working volume of CIP tanks and configuration of processed vessel).

New C-BIO2™ operator and control platform provides enhanced functionality and process control options as well as full integration and connectivity to SYSBIOTECH’s Process Line equipment and third party (equipment) supervisory software, making it the ideal platform for the automation and data integration of your cleaning/sterilization process.

BTUX 305 Separator with SYSBIOTECH piping and automation
Stationary SIP/CIP stations
Mobile SIP/CIP stations
Industrial-scale fermenter 500-1000L