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We propose a wild range of pilot-scale bioreactors for cell cultures and fermenters for microorganism cultivation from 15 to 500 liters for different branches of biotechnology such as industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental. For specific applications bioreactors can be designed according to GMP or GLP rules.

SYSBIOTECH’s SIP/CIP fermenters are designed to meet your requirements in process development and production. These systems are available in 2 versions: one compact solution for research and production at small scale (from 15L to 100L) and one fully stainless steel platform for pilot and industrial scale from 150L to more than 500L.

It is possible to make system according to your own specification.

Compact CIP/SIP Bioreactors 15L-50L-100L
ferm_300 L
Full-size CIP/SIP Fermenters 150L-300L-500L
Full-size CIP/SIP Bioreactors 150L-300L-500L
Pilot-scale photobioreactor
Pilot-scale photobioreactor