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SYSBIOTECH equipment operates under management of State of  the Art SCADA system. Our controller solution was developed as a fully custom-made solution with reliable cost and time. Flexibility and stability are key features of our standard system based on powerful PLC. C-BIO2 can manage most of biotechnological equipment which is commonly used in lab-, pilot- and production-scale processes:

With SYSBIOTECH SCADA C-BIO2 you can arrange wide range of configuration and connections between equipment, for example:

media preparation vessel –> seed bioreactor –> main bioreactor –> downstream equipment –> CIP-system

With our standard SCADA you can get your customized solution.

The unique feature of SYSBIOTECH controller system is fully scalable platform from lab- to pilot- and production scale fermenters and bioreactors. In the smallest  bioreactor (total volume is 250mL) you will get the same functionality and logic as in the largest one (total volume is 35 000 L).

When the computer is turned on, the C-BIO2 software can be launched by the shortcut on the desktop, so the main window displays once completely loaded. The main window shows a graphical representation of the fermentor/bioreactor and the current control situation.

Below there is a configuration of the sotware used for the fermenter control:


The items on the screen are color-coded for easy identification and use. Controllers and actuators that are off are GRAY. Those that are ON are GREEN. The setpoints, current values, and alarms are displayed in the Controllers area. Process data and events are updated in real time.

You may get detailed information about the main functions of the software:

Real stories of SCADA application: