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For proper analysis of your fermentation dates and preparation reports our SCADA system has all necessary functions which gives you wide range of possibility to generate reports and export dates. With our system you can easily monitor on-line parameters for your fermentation process + export your experimental dates to Excel for future operation during report or articles preparation.

For organization of database software enables to launch an acquisition batch which is stored in a data base (SQL data base). To launch a choose the name of the batch (12 characters maximum and a name of batch is useful once only).

During and after your fermentation process you can choose process or processes by the name of batch and show on the chart.



After by choose by checking box, you can add to put the selected trends in the part of trends to display

For optimisation of your fermentation trends we have many useful features like:

Export to CSV

For working with your cultivation dates in another programs software allows to save a selection in the format “CSV” to handle the data with the software EXCEL for example, this saving have to be done on an external support (usb key for example) or on a network drive.

Export to CSV
Export to CSV