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Profile is a powerful feature that allows the user to graphically create a set point curve for a controller. The files can be created from an empty file. This capability can be useful when trying to exactly duplicate all or some of the conditions encountered in a prior fermentation run.

Create new and modification new profile for your fermentation is very simple and fast. For adjustment of profiles in the table if you make one click on a line, the X and Y cursors put on the graph on the corresponding place. To add a point to the profil, you can insert a line, after selecting a line by one click on a line, you click on Insert, and the added line will be after the selected line.

Or you can modify a line by a double click in a cell X or Y according to your needs, key in the new value.


The contents of the profile files are organized using the Profiles Description list. You can easily modify description of existing profiles on your Sysbiotech controller.

The execution of the profile can be launched whatever the state of the controller and your cultivation process.

It’s possible to change the profile when it launched and cultivation already executed.

By this feature for your fermentation process you can easily define profiles for all controller like: pH, Temp, DO, pumps operation and many other functions.