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Our controller system allow to you very simple and comfortable way for automation procedures which you want. We called it Sequences. By this features you can make fully automatic such process like:

Sequences are “mini programs” that allow users to automate functions of the reactor based on time or events. No programming experience is needed to create sequences. Sequences are useful in automating batches and streamlining processes. The system can operate up to four sequences simultaneously and up to 100 sequence files can be stored on the computer. Sequence can be done by customer on the basis of personal experience. Sequence can be safe, modify, create new (if you have access). Programming of sequence is simple and intuitive clear, for this you will use menu with special operators, which is very simple and user friendly for operation.

A description of each sequence file is found in the Sequences Description List. This list is user maintained. Its purpose is to note the function of each sequence file. The full list is displayed by selecting Sequence Description List from the Edit menu of the Sequences window.

Questions are a special sequence command that allow the user to program a text and voice message (if configured) to be called via a sequence step. This causes a dialog box to appear on screen that must be acknowledged by the operator. These commands are especially useful for prompting the operator to do a manual task such as opening a valve. The sequence will stop at the question until the operator acknowledges. It is important to consider this when using the Question command.