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Tangential Flow filtration system

TFF system
TFF system

The Sysbiotech System is a crossflow filtration system for  Pall cassettes or any other brand. It is used in pilot and small production facilities for batch sizes up to 1000l. The design and engineering is following cGMP requirements to secure easy startup and qualification of the system.

  • The system is be capable to install 0.5 to 10 m² of membrane (not included)
  • The capacity of the feed pump 10 – 50 L/min.
  • Feed pressure, retentate pressure and permeate pressure are measured
  • Manual valves are installed for feed, retentate and permeate.
  • Feed flow, retentate flow and permeate flow are measured.
  • Feed pump pressure up to 3barg.
BTUX 305 Separator with SYSBIOTECH piping and automation
Stationary SIP/CIP stations
Mobile SIP/CIP stations
Industrial-scale fermenter 500-1000L